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Birthday Parties in Stretford

Xbox parties are the best and easiest way to entertain your kids in the Stretford area, we have been putting smiles on faces since 2011, being the first mobile video game bus of its kind in Europe.

What is an Xbox Party?

Our parties are hosted from a self contained video game bus* which can be hired out for various lengths of game time either at your home or at a family venue. It's fitted with 9 x 24" HD screens, Xbox's and seats. This enables 9 players to compete against each other in their favourite games at the same time, in the same battle, race or team event. You don't need much imagination to guess that this is creates a lot of fun, and a lot of noise, we wouldn't want it any other way.

* Design rights owned by the iBox, any business operating with this unique design, without the iBox licence will be prosecuted and may not be able to fulfull their bookings.

Minecraft Party, Fifa Party or Multiplayer Party....

Now that you've found one of the most innovative birthday party ideas of recent times, how do you decide which party theme to choose.

Minecraft parties are very popular with younger children (ages 7 upwards), it is also favoured as a girls party too. We have created a series of challenges to test your creative little builder. Whoever finishes the challenge first scores higher points. There are also building challenges and a creative challenge, these rounds are judged and points awarded. The minecraft party runs for about 45 - 60 mins depending on age and ability, this then allows us to utilise any left over game time on a selection of Multiplayer games. The player with the most points wins a Minecraft themed mug.

Fifa League Party. This will determine the ultimate Fifa player, our Fifa party is ideal for a group of Junior Footballers. The league holds up to 11 players. Everybody plays everybody once, and just like the Premier League you score 3pts for a win, 1pt for a draw and 0pts for losing, goal diffrence counts, and the winner of our Fifa league wins a specially designed Fifa mug (cup should we say). In order to get through up to 55 matches, minimum party time is 90 mins.

Multiplayer Party. Xbox parties are best suited to Multiplayer games such as Call of Duty, Black Ops, Halo, F1, Blur (18 games to choose from). Each game lasts for about 5-10 mins. It's usually best to run each game for about 30 mins, so a 90 min party would consist of a choice of 3 different games, a 2hr party would comfortably play 4. Points are scored and the winner gets a cap, bag or mug, we also have a shop if you want to offer more than one prize. Fighting games are very popular with young children, it is not our responsibility to enforce any recommendations as it is entirely up to all the parents. Our party invitations include age rated checkboxes so that all parents are given relevant information prior to the party. For more information about our selection of games, click here. Blur is our most enjoyed game, it's similar to Mario Kart in game play.


How do I book an Xbox Party in Stretford?

Let us know when you want your party or event, the location you would be hosting it from, we need to know how much time it will take to get to you (we cover areas outside Stretford too). And how much game time you want to book. We'll then get back to you within 24 hours. EMAIL US for availability and all enquiries.

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Shall I host the party at home or at a party venue in Stretford.

Both options are easy and equally popular, we require one power socket and a slightly longer parking space (about 20') our gaming bus will fit on most drives, if you have off road parking, try and reserve 2 car spaces directly outside your house. Organising and hosting parties from your home can be chaotic (but still fun!). With this in mind, we offer alternative venues to help make the whole experience as convenient and stress free as possible. We are increasing the list of venues all the time, so please contact us if there is not one located conveniently to you.

Each venue offers a choice of hot kids meals, drinks and desserts. The venues have been selected as family friendly and would of course welcome parents to stay for the duration of the party. Each venue offers ample parking.

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