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How big is your truck?

It is 20 feet long (an average car is about 14 feet) and will fit on most peoples drives. If you do not have off road parking, it's a good idea to reserve 1 to 2 spaces before we get there. The game bus is also about 10-11 feet high, so we would appreciate any overhanging branches to be cut back.

How long do people hire you for normally?

We have different time lengths to suit different budgets. Children aged 7 years old may struggle with the longer length parties, but typically we need to peel the children from the stools at the end of the party, they always want more!!

How many children can we invite?

We recommend a maximum of 9 for Minecraft parties, this is because some of the rounds can last 10-15 minutes, so if we are rotating more than 10 or 11 through the 9 seats, the children would have to wait quite a long time before they get their next go.

Fifa Leagues can entertain up to a maximum of 11 kids, each player plays everybody once, and scores 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw, 0 points for losing, like a real league. We even count the goal difference.

Multiplayer parties are the most flexible to configure, we can entertain up to 12 children within our gaming bus, by rotating all children through the 9 seats/screens, each round only lasts between 5 - 10 mins, so each player doesn't have a long time wiating for their run of goes once they have missed a turn.

Do they just play what they want?

No, we don't just throw them in there and let them get on with it, each party theme is run as a competition of lots of rounds, all rounds score points and these are totalled to reveal a winner.

Is my child allowed to play older games?

It is not unusual for children to want to push the boundaries of playing older age rated games, they will often say 'I play COD at home'. We do not police and outlaw this at all, it is the Parents decision. Our aim and responsibility is to provide as much information as possible, our games page clearly informs you of the age ratings. Our party invitations also include age range check boxes. So if you decide you want to have 15 age rated games at your party, then tick the relevant age rated check box and inform childrens parents of what their children will play at the party.

What if it snow, would you have to cancel?

No, snow does slow down the movement of traffic but we will still do everything we can to get to you. We have never let a child down and will always be there, sometimes at our own cost. Traffic can at times delay us, we always allow ample time to get to you, but on very rare occasions traffic can make us a little late. We will always try and telephone you to warn you of any possible delay, in those circumstances we may suggest feeding the children first if that then keeps your party timings running to plan, it may also give you enough warning to ask the parents to pick their children up a little later. But rest assured we will always be there to ensure your child has the 'Best Party Ever'.










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